Inconel 625 Plate

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Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes is the highly reputed name among Inconel 625 Plate suppliers . Nickel Alloy 625 Sheet is extremely robust and resistant alloy that can stand against various eroding substances. Alloy Inconel 625 Sheet is the super alloy compounded as nickel-chromium-molybdenum-niobium alloy that are used across various industries. Marine Industries, nuclear industry, chemical processing, petrochemicals and aerospace are few industries that widely use this UNS N06625 Inconel 625 Strip.  Siddhagiri offers the best quality ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Coil in various thickness, sizes, grades and in the desired specifications of our valued patrons; which can vary from 2.4856 Alloy 625 Plate of 2mm to even 12mm. Moreover, Inconel Sheet can vary in thicknesses ranging from .016 to .156". We are also the leading suppliers of extra-large, thin and ultra-thin gauge 2.4856 Inconel 625 Foil, that can roll down to 2 microns. Siddhagiri offers the widest range of ASTM B443 Alloy 625 Sheet in various forms, sizes and grades.

buy from Inconel 625 Sheet suppliers . The tensile strength of these Inconel Sheet & Plate are very strong ad makes it excellent for industry use. While the nickel component makes its ductile as mentioned above, inconel 625 hot rolled plate also allows the alloy to stay corrosion free. This is one quality that is prevalent in all the types of Inconel 625 Sheet. The other important components of this ASTM B443 UNS N06625 Plate are manganese, sulphur, phosphorous, carbon, molybdenum which is present in about 8-10 percent of the total weight followed by titanium, aluminium, iron and silicon. The main components of Alloy 625 Plate however are nickel and Chromium. The inconel 625 flat sheet size starts from .15 inches and can be used in various applications.

We also offer Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet which is another popular superalloy that is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion and therefore, is widely used in jet engine propulsion systems and in chemical processing industries. The chloride corrosion resistant Alloy 625 Plate is also used in heat exchangers, cable sheathing and fasteners. SB 443 Inconel 625 Clad Plate is alloyed through solid solution strengthening and therefore it’s highly robust with non-magnetism and high tensile strength and fabricability.

Our Dealers & Distributors in Sweden, USA, UK, Israel, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Iran are the efficient suppliers of complete range of Inconel Plates & inconel 625 coil  who can arrange and deliver in shortest time as well at the best price. We believe in working efficiently and therefore maintain a Inconel 625 Sheet in stock for sale, so it saves time & cost to procure any size range in Bright annealed Inconel sheet from vendors or Manufacturers of Inconel plate in India.view inconel 625 plate price

astm b443 uns n06625 coil

Nickel Alloy 625 Sheet

UNS N06625 Strip

DIN 2.4856 Foil

Inconel 625 Plate
Inconel 625 Plate
Inconel 625 Sheet
Inconel 625 Sheet

2B/ BA/ HL/ NO.1 finish DIN 2.4856 Strips and Coil Suppliers in Mumbai, check thickness tolerance.

inconel 625 plate stock

Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet Specification

Specification Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet
Most Selling Type Of Rolling Sheet/ Rolling Plate/ Flat Shim/ Flat Sheet/ Shim Sheet/ descaled/ tread plate/ Checker Plate, Plate/ Sheet/ Coils/ Foils/ Strip/ Flats/ Clad Plate/ Plain Sheet/ Rolls/ Blank (Circle)/ sheared/ annealed/ soft annealed
Chemical Composition UNS N06625 Sheet : Copper (69.5%)/ Nickel (30.0%)/ Iron (0.5%)
Mechanical Properties Of Tensile 40000 psi
Plate Width 36 to 60 Inches
Standard Dimensions Of EN ISO 18286/ ASME IID/ ASTM A 959/ ASTM A 480
UNS Number Of Nickel Alloy 625 Sheet UNS N06625
Plate Length Up to 240 Inches
Form Blank (Circle)/ Ring (Flange)/ Plain Sheet/ Strip/ Flats/ Coils/ Foils/ Rolls
Thickness 0.063 to 0.375 Inches
Accept all small/ Large Orders Of Inconel 625 Sheet Kota, Santiago, Panipat, Jamshedpur, Dallas, Johor-Bahru, Calgary, Al-Jubail, Chandigarh, Kalyan, Pune, Ajman, Gurgaon, Milan, Surat, Jaipur, Surabaya, Perth, Sydney, Vung-Tau, Oyama, Faridabad, Tehran, Hyderabad, Singapore, Delhi, Doha, Baku, Vapi, Manama, Cairo, Kolkata, Vasai-Virar, Navi-Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao-Paulo, Tiruchirappalli, Mexico-City, Zhengzhou, Batam, Lucknow, Dubai, Bhopal, Bogota, Bengaluru, Indore, Noida, Secunderabad, Karachi, Shanghai, Bhubaneswar, Vadodara, Hazira, Beijing, Ludhiana, Houston, Busan, Thane, Dombivli, Istanbul, Dhaka, Bangkok, Hangzhou, Coimbatore, Sharjah, Seoul, Mysuru, Patna, Chennai, Kuala-Lumpur, Paris, Chicago, Ambernath, Mumbai, Hanoi, Puchong, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Ahmedabad, London, Kochi, Agra, Madrid, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Lagos, Nashik, Ashburn, Guwahati, Al-Khobar, Nagpur, Ankleshwar, Riyadh, New-Delhi, Raipur, Jeddah, Dammam, Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Rajkot, Brisbane, Abu-Dhabi, Quezon-City, Shah-Alam, Visakhapatnam, Jamnagar, Ghaziabad, Alexandria,

Check dimension table of Nickel Alloy 625 Shim Sheet, Buy SB 443 Alloy 625 perforated sheet at factory price.

Inconel 625 Plate Price

Size Grade Price In India (INR) Per KG Thickness
240 X 2400MM Inconel 625 1314.00 70MM
260 X 2600MM Inconel 625 1654.00 90MM
280 X 2800MM Inconel 625 1987.00 100MM

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Inconel 625 Sheet Chemical Composition

Inconel 625 Sheet Element Content, %
Nickel ≥58.0
Niobium(plus Tantalum) 3.15-4.15
Carbon ≤0.10
Manganese ≤0.50
Silicon ≤0.50
Sulfur ≤0.015
Aluminum ≤0.40
Titanium ≤0.40
Phosphorus ≤0.015
Cobalt ≤1.0
Chromium 20.0-23.0
Iron ≤5.0
Molybdenum 8.0-10.0

Get inconel 625 plate weight calculator, Find your choice of sizes from our ASTM B443 Alloy 625 Hot and Cold Rolled Plate stock.

UNS N06625 Strip Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point
Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet 8.4 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 1,35,000 , MPa – 930 Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 517 42.5 %

Density Of Alloy 625 Coil

0.303 lb/in3 (8.44 g/cm3

DIN 2.4856 Foil Specific Gravity

Inconel 625 Foil Specific Gravity
8.44 g/cm3

Nickel Alloy 625 Plate Melting Range

Alloy 625 Plate melting range
2350 - 2460°F (1280 - 1350°C)

Alloy 625 Hot Rolled Plate Physical Properties

Density Melting Range Specific Heat Permeability at 200 Oersted Curie Temperature
0.305 8.44 2350-2460 1290-1350 0.098(410) 1.0006 <-320 -196
lb/cu in gram/cc °F °C Btu/lb°F (J/kg°C)
15.9 kA/m °F °C

Equivalent Of (Nickel Alloy 625) UNS N06625 Sheet

Grade UNS No Old British Euronorm GOST Japanese JIS
Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet N06625 NA 21 NiCr22Mo9Nb 2.4856 NC22DNB4M --75---- NCF 625

Standard Dimensions Of ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Plate

Dimensions Of Metric

finish Surface

Thickness (millimeter)

Width (millimeter)

2B – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed


maximum 2032

2D – Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled


maximum 1524

2E – Cold rolled, heat treated, mechanically descaled


maximum 2032

2R – Cold rolled, bright annealed


maximum 1524

2H – Work hardened


maximum 1524

Polished, brushed


maximum 1524

ASME SB443 Alloy 625 Plate Size Chart

Size Range Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet Size Of Plate & Sheet
.125" Perforated Plate And Sheet 3.18mm
.134" Coil And Strips 3.40mm
156" Perforated Plate And Sheet 3.96mm
187" Sheet & Rolling Plate 4.75mm
250" Rolling Sheets 6.35mm
312" Perforated Plate And Sheet 7.92mm
375" Rolling Plate And Sheet 9.53mm
.500" Sheet And Clad Plate 12.7mm
.625" Flat Shim And Sheet 15.9mm
.750" Sheet And Strips 19.1mm
.875" Rolling Sheets 22.2mm
1" Plate/ Flat Shim/ Sheet 25.4mm
2" Plate And Clad Plate & Sheet 50.8mm
3" Plate And Rolling Sheets 76.2mm

625 Nickel Alloy Cold Rolled Plate Weight Chart Table

Thickness In Inches Plate Weight (Unit Area) Density
3/16" 0.06000 lbs/in²42.184176 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
1/4" 0.08 lbs/in²56.245568 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
3/8" 0.121 lbs/in²85.0714216 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
1/2" 0.161 lbs/in²113.1942056 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
5/8" 0.196 lbs/in²137.8016416 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
3/4" 0.235 lbs/in²165.221356 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
7/8" 0.274 lbs/in²192.6410704 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³
1" 0.313 lbs/in²220.0607848 kilogram/m² 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³

We Provide Inconel 625 Plate And Sheet In-House Cutting

Inconel 625 Sheet

Inconel 625 Sheet

625 Inconel Plate

625 Inconel Plate

Inconel 625 Alloy Coil

Inconel 625 Alloy Coil

ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Foil

ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Foil

Inconel 625 Strip

Inconel 625 Strip

625 Inconel Shim Sheet

625 Inconel Shim Sheet

Inconel 625 Alloy Strip Tape

Inconel 625 Alloy Strip Tape

ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Chequered Plate

ASTM B443 Inconel 625 Chequered Plate

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Philippines, Malaysia, Netherlands UNS N06625 Inconel 625 Strip
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