Eye Bolt

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Eye Bolt

An eye bolt is a kind of bolt that has a 'O' shaped loop and one end of it. Eye bolts are used for attaching a securing eye to any structure, that enables cables to be tied.Eye bolt size differs on the basis of Diameter, Pitch and thickness of the bolts. The Size also depends on the inner diameter of the loop of the bolt. In the range of the diameter, any cable or rope can be tied and this whole function is used as an eye bolt for lifting.

There is a more durable form of eye bolts, these types of eye bolts exist in the form of hammered or Pressed into form.  Specifically forged eye bolts are used for heavy duty responsibly because of long lasting strength.Many countries in the world produce eye bolts of different varieties and sizes for different uses and purposes. We are a trusted source of eye bolt manufacturer in India.

Eye bolts are majorly used for lifting the things up. Ropes or cables are included into the shank and it forms lifting eye bolt. An eye bolt of 1/4 shank can easily lift weight around 300 Kgs. We are one of the excellent lifting eye bolt manufacturer in India.

In order to enable fastening into a brick wall or a stone wall, eye bolt anchor is generally used for tasks related to masonry. There are numerous states and cities where eye bolts are manufactured. Specifically, in Maharashtra, we are a top eye bolts manufacturer in Mumbai. Using cables or ropes into the eye or the loop of an eye bolt and making a tying a structure to the ends of the rope enables it to get lifted up. This is how eye bolts for lifting are used.

The quality and durability matters in the products of eye bolts. We are having one of the top quality eye bolts and we are marked as good eye bolt manufacturer in India.


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