DIN 933 Hex Bolts

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What is hex bolt standard DIN 933?

A German standard for hexagon head bolts. It comes with a full thread that specifies the dimensions, materials, and technical requirements for hexagon head bolts is known as din 933. It comes with thread diameters ranging from M1.6 to M64.

DIN 933 standard hex head bolt is mainly used in mechanical and construction applications. It has a hex head and a flat bearing surface. It also has a threaded rod that runs through the full screw length. This design alows the bolt to be tightened with a wrench or socket. It also provides good resistance to rotational forces.

The din 933 specification specifies various parameters for the hexagon head bolts, including:

  • Thread diameter and pitch
  • Bolt length
  • The length of the thread
  • Head height and width across flats
  • Minimum and maximum tensile and yield strength of the bolt material
  • Surface finish requirements


By complying with DIN 933, manufacturers can ensure their products are consistent in size and performance. It also facilitates installation and provides reliable and secure attachment for different types of applications. For this reason DIN 933 Hex Head Bolts are used in applications that require a strong, tight and secure fastening.


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DIN 933 Hex Bolts Sizes, Specification

DIN 933 Hex Bolts Specification


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how to calculate weight of din 933 hex bolt ?

The weight of a DIN 933 material hex bolt depend on several factors- the size of the bolt, the material it is made of, and its length.

To calculate the weight of a DIN 933 standard specifications hex bolt, you can use the following formula:

Weight = (d^2 * l * 0.006165) * m


d = the diameter of the bolt in millimeters
l = the length of the bolt in millimeters
m = the mass per unit length of the bolt material in kilograms per meter (you can find this information in material specifications)

Clients can also look at the din 933 weight chart for easy reference. Contact the manufacturers to get the chart and you can get an idea of the accurate weight as per the requirements.


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Various Types of DIN 933 hex bolt
M14 DIN 933 Bolt
M14 DIN 933 Bolt
DIN 933 Set Screw
DIN 933 Set Screw
DIN 933 Hexagon Head Bolt
DIN 933 Hexagon Head Bolt
DIN 933 Hex Cap Screws
DIN 933 Hex Cap Screw
DIN 933 Hex Nut
DIN 933 Hex Nut
Stainless Hex Bolt DIN 933
Hex Bolt DIN 933


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What is the difference between DIN 933 and 931?

DIN 933 and DIN 931 are standards for hexagon head screws- they are available in threads from M1.6 to M64 and are manufactured from 8.8, 10.9 or 12 grade steel. The main difference between them is the length of the thread.

DIN 933 dimensions specifies a screw with a full thread extending to the screw head. This means that the shank of a din 933 hex bolt dimensions (part without thread) is shorter than the shank of a DIN 931 screw of the same overall length.

DIN 933 specifies a partially threaded screw that only goes part way up the shank leaving the unthreaded portion of the shank under the head.This means that the shank of the screw is longer than the shank of a DIN 933 bolt dimensions of the same overall length.

DIN 933 has a full thread while DIN 931 has a partial thread. The choice between them depends on the specific application and the length requirements of the threaded portion of the bolt.