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Brass Wire
Brass Wire
0.25mm EDM Brass Wire
0.25mm EDM Brass Wire
C26000 Brass Solder Wire
C26000 Brass Solder Wire


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Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes, is Brass Wire manufacturer in India, our product is been manufactured by using high quality raw material with the latest technologies by adhering to international standards, with assured cutting ability.We are also known EDM wire suppliers, it is available in various sizes grades and specifications according to the needs and requirements of the customers. It is most commonly used for the manufacturing processes of die and mold, particularly for blanking punches and extrusion dies. It can be used in everything from prototypes to full production runs, and it is most usually used to manufacture metal tools and components.

12 Gauge Brass Wire have several desirable qualities and they are relatively easy to produce, so brass is a very popular metal alloy for products and applications in several industries. It is consists of copper and zinc. Its copper amount can be different, such as 65%, 70%, 80%, 85% and 90%.It is commonly is round also has half-round and flat. 0.8 Mm Brass Wire is abrasion, corrosion, high temperature and spark resistance, non-magnetic. It is resistant to acid and alkali. It is durable, dead soft, good ductility, tensile strength and has bright surface.

22 Gauge Brass Wire tarnishes slow than copper wire. It is used for ring bands, bracelets and crafts. And also used for jewelry components, such as ear wires, chain mail, jump rings, wire wrapped pendants and beaded chain. 1mm Brass Wire is widely used in industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical industry, printing, electric cable and other industries. Braided Brass Wire has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for connecting moving parts, bonding straps, grounding, or as cable shielding or protective coverings. 


Standard specification Brass Wire

Length Cut Lengths: 0.125" to 72" , No Limit on Spooled Lengths
Diameter 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm,0.15mm,o.10mm, 0.0004" to 0.040" , 10 microns to 1.0 mm, Other Sizes on Request
Weight / spool 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 15 kg, 20kg
Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): 580-750
Resistance (μΩ.m): as standard
Elongation (≥ %): 28-30
Surface Polished bright, Smooth, Bare, Enamel, PTFE, Ceramic, Plated
Tempers Tempers range from dead soft annealed to ultra spring temper
mesh weaving methods plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave
Technique Cold Rolled, hot rolled -annealed, full hard, spring temper, cold heading
Condition M, Y, 1/2Hard
Offered in a wide range of packages including:
  • Spool
  • Reel
  • Coil
  • Bobbin
  • Carrier
  • Custom packaging provided from as low as 1lb to 200lb tapered plastics
Available in form of Filler Wire, Flat Wire, Coil Wire, Electrode Wire, Welding Wire, Wire mesh, Knitted wire mesh, filter mesh, mig wire, tig wire, spring wire, stranded and twisted wire
Packing Vacuum packing, sealed with PVC cellephane, moisture proof, quakeproof, and corrosion resistance.
Application & uses used on low speed wire cutting machines like Agie-charmilles, Sodick, Mitsubishi, Makino
Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2, Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175


for zipper teeth Small flat wires

  • Thickness:0.7~1.5mm
  • Width:3.0~6.0mm
  • Package:40kg/roll


for zipper slider and puller Large flat wires

  • Thickness:0.75~2.0mm
  • Width:6.0~13mm
  • Package:50~60kg/small roll;130~150kg/large roll


Price List of Brass Spool Wire

Brass wire price per kg : 5 - 6 US$ PER KG


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Brass Wire Manufacturer In India

EDM wire

EDM wire

Square Brass Wire

Square Brass Wire

Thick Brass Wire

Thick Brass Wire

Braided Brass Wire

Braided Brass Wire

Soldering Brass Wire

Soldering Brass Wire

Antique Brass Wire

Antique Brass Wire

12 Gauge Brass Wire

12 Gauge Brass Wire

0.8 Mm Brass Wire

0.8 Mm Brass Wire


in three different lengths Brass wire can be provided

  • 25m reel
  • 10m reel
  • 50m reel


Chemical Compatibility Chart of C26000 Brass Solder Wire

Brass Cu Fe Pb Zn
Min./Max. 60.0-63.0 0.35 2.5-3.0 Rem.
Nominal 61.5 2.7 35.4

0.25mm EDM Brass Wire Mechanical Properties Analysis

Tensile Strength

300 - 550 MPa

440 Min MPa

Proof Stress

110 - 500 MPa

320 Min MPa

Elongation A50 mm

38 - 3%

10 Min %

Hardness Vickers

55 - 180 HV

115 Min HV

Hardness Brinell

- 110 Min HB


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in several different sizes Our tempered Brass wire is available

  • 0.28mm (29AWG)
  • 0.25mm (30AWG)
  • 0.20mm (32AWG)
  • 0.32mm (28AWG)
  • 0.30mm (28/29AWG)
  • 0.40mm (26AWG)
  • 0.35mm (27AWG)


Brass Electrode Wire Physical Properties

Properties US Customary
Melting Point -Liquidus 1650 F
Melting Point -Solidus 1630 F
Density 0.307 lb/in3at 68 F
Electrical Resistivity 39.90 ohms – cmil/ft @ 68 F
Electrical Conductivity 26 %IACS @ 68 F
Thermal Conductivity 67 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2·oF)at 68F
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension 14000 ksi

Technology data of EDM brass wire


Diameter (mm)

Tolarance (mm)

Tensile strength, (Mpa)

Surface treatment

Conductivity (%)



Hard or Semi hard




+0, -0.002






Paraffin free












+0, -0.002




Paraffin free




Product Core Material Coating Material Tensile Strength Conductivity Elongation(%) Diameter Tolerance Color
Clean Cut 980 CuZn37 None 980N/mm2 19%IACS 2 +0 / -0.002 Golden
Clean Cut 500 CuZn37 None 500N/mm2 22%IACS 15 +0 / -0.002 Golden


Ø (mm) 0.07 0.1 0.15 0.20 0.25 0.30 0.33
Ø (inch) 0.003 0.004 0.006 0.008 0.01 0.012 0.014
P3     3 3 3 3  


    5/6 5/6 5/6 5/6 5/6
P10     10 10 10 10 10
P15       20 20 20 20
DIN125     3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5  
DIN160     7/8 7/8 7/8 7/8 7/8
DIN200       15/16 15/16 15/16 15/16
DIN250       25 25 25 25 
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Brass Wire Sizes & Gauge

Brass Wire Mesh Size Brass Wire Gauge Diameter
In MM In Inch BWG No. MM
6.4mm 1/4Inch BWG24-22 0.56mm- 0.71mm
9.5mm 3/8Inch BWG23-19 0.64mm - 1.07mm
12.7mm 1/2Inch BWG22-16 0.71mm - 1.65mm
15.9mm 5/8Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm - 1.65mm
19.1mm 3/4Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm - 1.65mm
25.4x 12.7mm 1 x 1/2Inch BWG21-16 0.81mm - 1.65mm
25.4mm 1Inch BWG21-14 0.81mm - 2.11mm
38.1mm 1 1/2Inch BWG19-14 1.07mm - 2.11mm
25.4mm x 50.8mm 1 x 2Inch BWG17-14 1.47mm - 2.11mm
50.8mm 2Inch BWG16-12 1.65mm - 2.77mm
50.8mm to 305mm 2 to 12Inch At Request


Look what we supply and where ?

Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia 12 Gauge Brass Wire
Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Romania 0.8 Mm Brass Wire
China, Sweden, Malaysia, Colombia 22 Gauge Brass Wire
 Malaysia, Los Alamos -Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan 1mm Brass Wire
Singapore, Malaysia, NY 12203 (USA),South Korea 16/20/10 Gauge Brass Wire
Dammam -KSA, Philippines, Belgium, Indonesia 8 Gauge Brass Wire
Qatar, Europe, Thailand, France 28/14/18 Gauge Brass Wire
Czechia, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany 3mm Brass Wire
 Malaysia, Bangladesh, Finland, USA Flat Brass Wire H65 H63 H62
South Africa, Kuwait, Brazil, Saudi Arabia (KSA) Free Wire Cut 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30mm EDM Brass Wire Cuzn37


Stranded Weave Brass Wire Mesh

8 Mesh .035" Brass Woven Wire Cloth 10 Mesh .025" Brass Woven Wire Cloth
10 Mesh .035" Brass Woven Wire Cloth 12 Mesh .028" Brass Woven Wire Cloth
6 Mesh .063" Brass Woven Wire Cloth 8 Mesh .028" Brass Woven Wire Cloth
4 Mesh .047" Brass Woven Wire Cloth 6 Mesh .035" Brass Woven Wire Cloth


Ready Stock of Brass wire

Brass Knitted wire mesh Brass Filler Wire
Brass 10 gauge welded wire mesh Brass welded wire mesh
Brass wire mesh Brass Welding Wire
Brass Coil Wire Brass Electrode Wire
Brass Ultra Fine Wire Brass Tying Wire
Brass Spool Wire Brass Spring Wire
Brass 0.25 mm wire Brass Wire bobbins
Brass Wire cloth Brass Woven wire mesh
Brass Filler Wire Brass Ultra Thin Brass Wire
Brass Heating Wire Brass Woven Wire Mesh
free machining Brass wires Brass escomatic wires
Brass Ultra Refined Brass Wire 0.025mm Brass round wire
Brass tig wire Brass mig wire
Brass MIG / TIG and SUB- ARC wires Brass Fine Wire
Brass Welding Electrode Brass Round and Profiled wires
Brass wires Brass Profile / Shape Wire
Brass Bright Wire Brass profiled wires