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    Nickel Based Alloys Supplier In India

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    High Temperature Metal Products Stockist

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    Manufacturer Of Ni Based Superalloys Flat And Long Products For Petrochemicals, Oil And Gas Industries

About Company

Nickel Based Alloys Supplier In India

Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes was First Indian Company Supplied Hastelloy Fasteners to NASA in Year 1999, Siddhagiri Metals & Tubes has more than 200 employees among which over 50 are technicians & engineers worked with world’s leading companies in different sectors
  • Long-Standing Mill and Manufacturing Relationships
  • Over 21 Years Experience as a Dealer & Distributor of High Nickel Alloys
About Us

Buy High Nickel Alloy Material At Dealer And Distributor Price

We understand the customer need & industry requirements while supplying, established a strict quality control check before dispatching any high temperature material from our stockyard.

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Ni Based Superalloys Flat And Long Products In Cut To Size Length And In Shape Of Rounds, Flats, And Squares

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    we provide your order On-time because its essential to long term, positive supplier/customer relationships
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
    Siddhagiri offers an outstanding, global 24/7 premium customer service. Our experienced experts are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction
    our client list is around 30 countries which helping you reduce costs and grow your business
Useful Tips for Engineers/ Project Consultants
  • Inconel 600 melting point is around 870°C while Inconel 625 melt at 1050°C
  • Monel 400 Plate of 3/16 inches weight comes 0.063 lbs/in²44.2933848 kg/m².
  • Inconel 625 bar comes in sizes 0.375" - 7.000" and Inconel 718 bar stock in 0.250″/6.35 mm.
  • Inconel 625 plate stock in 0.1875" - 2.000" and Inconel 600 plate in size from 0.5 mm to 76.2 mm
  • Hastelloy C276 Bar internal specifications are DIN 17752, DIN 17753, ISO 9723. ISO 9724, DIN 17754 VdTüV 400/12.98 and stock sizes from 0.5" to 4"
  • Nickel wire diameter 0.25 mm price is USD 420/kg
  • Nickel Strip Tape for battery 5mm price in India is USD 10/per meter.
Heat Resistant Metal and High Temperature Stainless Steel Forging For Petrochemicals, Oil And Gas Industries


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