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317L Stainless Steel

317L Stainless Steel | EN 1.4438 | AISI 317L Stainless Steel | X2 CrNiMo 18 16 4 | SS2367 |  Z2CND1915 | 317S12 | X2CrNiMo1815 | J317L | 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 | Alloy 317L | Z3CND19-15-04 | SUS 317L | 03X16H15M3

Stainless Steel 317L (1.4438) with UNS S31703 is an austenitic stainless steel that gives the ideal corrosion resistance and has very low carbon content. 317L Stainless Steel (AISI 317L) is majorly used in thermal and welding processes. 317L (SUS317L) is an “L” grade stainless steel and is molybdenum. In the annealed condition it is non-magnetic and gets magnetic when welded. In the pulp and paper mills, Alloy 317L (317S12) shows good resistance due to the excess acidic surrounding.

317L Stainless Steel Properties

AISI 317L Stainless Steel has special properties typical to the product. The following sums up the qualities of SS2367.

  • 317L has good corrosion resistance.
  • In acidic chloride environments, 317L SS has greater corrosion.
  • The resistance is high with molybdenum alloy percentage.
  • SS317L is resistant to sulphuric acid at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 317L Stainless Steel has good formability and weldability.

Stainless Steel 317L Applications

This brand of Stainless Steel is used in flue gas desulfurization systems and is also a regular component in petrochemical industries. The chemical process vessels and pulp and paper industry also use SS 317L (EN 1.4438). It is also used in condensers in power generation.

SS317L Resistance and Processing

Corrosion Resistance

317L Stainless Steel has Superior Corrosion Resistance in difficult environments,  especially in acidic chloride environments. 317L SS  ( UNS S31703) highly resistant to intergranular corrosion because of Low carbon content. Excellent resistance in applications where contamination is desired to be kept to a minimum. 317L in contact with phosphorus acids, chlorides, bromides, and iodides, has pitting tendency.

Heat Resistance

Stainless Steel Grades like 317L (1.4438) with chromium-nickel-molybdenum (X2CrNiMo18164) has excellent resistance to oxidation. AISI 317 L also demonstrates a low rate of scaling at temperatures up to 1600-1650°F (871-899°C).


Grade 317L SS is tougher than other grades of Stainless Steel. Thus, it is advised to use chip breakers so that the hardenability of this alloy is considerably brought down with the help of low speeds and constant feeds.


317L can be welded by conventional welding procedures except oxyacetylene.

Hot Working

AISI 317L Stainless Steel can be hot worked in the range of 926.7°C – 1204.5°C. 317L Forgings can be annealed at 1037°C.

Cold Working

This process involves stamping, drawing, shearing as well as heading which is done successfully. The post work annealing is normally done to bring down the internal stress. Cold Working increases the strength and hardness of the material

Annealing and Hardening

Annealing is usually done at 1010-1121°C (1850-2050°F) which is then followed by cooling. Hardening normally does not react to any kind of treatment and is hardened by the working of cold treatment.

Forms of Stainless Steel 317L

SS317L Chemical Composition :

Element:Content (%)
Cr 18.0 - 20.0
Ni11.0 -15.0
Mo3.0 - 4.0

SS317L Mechanical Properties :

Yield Strength
0.2% Offset
psi (min.)30, 000
Ultimate Tensile
psi (min.)75, 000
in 2 in.
% (min.)40
Hardness(max.)95 Rockwell B

SS317L  Physical Properties :

Density7.89 g/cm^3
Specific Heat0.12 BTU/lb-°F (32 – 212°F)
Modulus of Elasticity29.0 x 10^6 psi
Thermal Conductivity 200°F (100°C)8.7 BTU/hr/ft^2/ft/°F
Melting Range
2540 – 2630°F
Electrical Resistivity33.5 Microhm-in at 68°C

SS317L Applications :

  • Chemical / petrochemical processing
  • Equipment for pollution control (flue gas desulfurization) Plants
  • Waste disposal industries
  • Sulfuric acid reactors.
  • Organic chloride process equipment.
  • Equipment for processes utilizing halide or acid catalysts.
  • Pulp and paper processing

 Equivalent Grades and Other Names of SS 317L :

  • Sandvik 3R64
  • 317L
  • EN 1.4438
  • WNR 1.4438
  • UNS S31703
  • AISI 317 L
  • SUS317L
  • Alloy 317L
  • Germany – DIN X2CrNiMo1815 / X2CrNiMo18164
  • Sweden – SS2367
  • UK – BS 317S12
  • J-317L
  • Chinese – 00Cr19Ni13Mo3
  • France AFNOR – Z3CND19-15-04 / Z2CND1915
  • Russia Gost – 03X16H15M3

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