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Inconel 625 pipe fittings supplier

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Supplier Manufacturer UNS N06625 ASTM B366 ANSI B16.9 and 16.28 | Buttweld Fittings |Inconel 625 Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cross, Nipple, Cap, Bend, Collar, Insert

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is well known supplier of Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings. We manufacture and supply all forms of Buttweld Fittings to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings ASTM B366 come in various forms such as 90 Degree Elbow, Concentric Reducer, Long Stubend, 45 Degree Elbow, Eccentric Reducer, Short Stubend, Short Radius Elbow, Equal Tee, Pipe Nipple, Long Radius Elbow, Reducing Tee, 180 Degree Elbow, 3D/5D/7D Elbows, Pipe End Cap, Long Bend, etc. We maintain all these forms of Pipe fittings in ready to dispatch stock for immediate deliveries to our customers. We manufacture these pipe fittings  in all forms and sizes ranging from 15 mm NB to 1200 mm NB in Schedule 5S, 10S, 10, 20, 40S, 40, STD, 60, 80S, 80, XS, 100, 120, 140, 160 & XXS.

Inconel 625 Buttweld Fittings supplied by us are made of high quality material and comply with international standards. Our Buttweld Fittings are especially manufactured to suit industry needs and environments and extreme care is taken in handling and supplying these products. Each Product is individually tested by our expert team to assure best quality and finished product to our customers. Buttweld Fittings are packed in paper, plastic, bubble wrap and supplied in wooden boxes and containers as requested by the customer.

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company accredited by IAF (International Accreditation Forum), UKAS and GIC. Moreover, we are a CRISL Rated Company with clients in more than 70 countries around the world. We have been a reliable source for metal supplies in many projects in Gulf countries.

We also manufacture and supply buttweld fittings of other special grades such as Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel, SMO 254, Alloy 20, etc.

Inconel® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Price :

  • Inconel 625 Pipe  30 USD – 4000 USD / Per Meter

  • Inconel 625  ASTM B622 Seamless Pipe 30 USD – 4000 USD / Per Meter

  • Inconel 625  ASTM B619 Welded Pipe 20 USD – 3500 USD / Per Meter

Price Basis :

We can provide any of the following cost foundation based upon on your requirement:

  • Ex-works
  • FOB Nhava Sheva
  • CFR, CIF, CPT your location port
  • Door to Entrance Distribution Responsibility Compensated as well as Duty Unpaid
  • We also Provide Nickel Alloy C276 Seamless and Welded Pipes Price as per KG, per Meter and per Ton.

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Dimensions :

Forms of Pipe FttingsSize RangeSchedules of Butt weld fittingsDimension Standards
Seamless Pipe FittingsWelded Pipe Fittings
Tees1/8” NBt to 24" NBUpto 42" NBSch 5, Sch 5s, Sch 10, Sch 10s, Sch 20, Sch 30, Sch 40s, Sch 40, Sch STD, Sch 60, Sch 80s, Sch 100, Sch 120, Sch XS, Sch XXS, Sch 160, upto 50mm in case of welded fittingsASME B16.9, ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28, ANSI B16.28, ANSI B16.25
Elbows1/8” NBt to 24" NBUpto 42" NB
Reducers1/8” NB to 24" NBUpto 42" NB
End Caps1/8” NBt to 24" NBUpto 42" NB
Cross1/8” NB to 8" NB
Swage Nipple1/8” NB to 8" NB
Return Bends1/8” NB to 8" NB
Customized Pipe FittingsAs Per Client Requirements

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Forms:

We Supply both seamless and welded buttweld fittings of the following forms –

  • Inconel 625 Long Radius Elbow 45°, 90° and 180°
  • Inconel 625 Short Radius Elbow 45°, 90° and 180°
  • Inconel 625 Elbow 1D to 5D
  • Inconel 625 Seamless Elbows
  • Inconel 625 Welded Elbows
  • Inconel 625 Equal, Reducing and Straight Tee
  • Inconel 625 Equal, Reducing and Straight Cross
  • Inconel 625 Reducing Outlet Tees
  • Inconel 625 Reducing Outlet Crosses
  • Inconel 625 Return Bend
  • Inconel 625 Concentric and Eccentric Reducers
  • Inconel 625 Lap Joint, Long, Short, Stub End
  • Inconel 625 Pipe and End Cap
  • Inconel 625 Collar
  • Inconel 625 Swage, Pipe, Barrel, Reducing Nipple
  • Inconel 625 Long Radius and Piggable Bend
  • Inconel 625 Lateral

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Specifications:

Buttweld fittings both seamless and welded,  ASTM and ASME Specifications are –

  • Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings ASTM B366  ASME SB366

Types of Pipe Fittings :

Inconel 625 pipe fitting elbow 45 90 and 180 degree

Inconel 625 Elbow

Inconel 625 buttweld fitting pipe cap supplier

Inconel 625 Cap

Inconel 625 stub end manufacturer supplier

Inconel 625 Stub End

Inconel 625 pipe fitting nipple supplier exporter

Inconel 625 Nipple

Inconel 625 tee exporter supplier

Inconel 625 Tee

Inconel 625 buttweld fitting cross supplier manufacturer

Inconel 625 Cross

Inconel 625 buttweld fitting reducer exporter

Inconel 625 Reducer

Inconel 625 pipe fitting collar supplier

Inconel 625 Collar

Inconel 625 bend exporter

Inconel 625 Bend

Mo8.00 - 10.00
Cr20.00 - 23.00
Na + Ta3.15 - 4.15
0.2% proof stress [Mpa] Max276
Tensile strength [Mpa] Max690
Elongation (%) Max
PropertyMetric / Imperil
Density8.44 [g/cm3]
Electrical resistivity129 [μΩ . cm]
Thermal conductivity9.8 [W/m . K]
20~100°C12.8 [10-6/°C]
Specific heat410 [J/kg . K]
Young’s modulus20.4 × 104 [MPa]
Melting range1290~1350 [°C]
Average coefficient of thermal expansion-

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes, Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Supplier :

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and one of the renowned Manufacturers, Supplier & Exporters of high quality Pipe Fittings. We are a client focused and service oriented company having complete understanding and insight for the demands of various sections of industries.

We are pledged to fulfil the various needs of customers and our efforts are directed towards providing our clients world class products both in terms of innovation and quality. The products we make available are taken extra care during every phase of process from material buying to item dispatch so as to maintain the stated quality standards. We hold adequate stocks of Buttweld Fittings, pipes, tubes, flanges and other related products within our scope of supplying order to meet the urgent requirements of the customers.

Our inventory is strategically located near the seaport and airport so that we are always in a position to offer immediate deliveries. The foundations of our business strategy continue to be based on quality, reputation, customer service and performance. To serve our clienteles with growing complex and demanding needs of this multifaceted business, we have dedicated ourselves to offer superior quality products, vast catalogue, competitive prices, timely supplies, reliable vendor relationships and extensive industry expertise to get the job done right. We also keep us updated with latest market trends for successful execution of small as well as bulk orders.

We have exported to over 60 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, UK, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Spain, Kuwait, Peru, Serbia, Nigeria, South Africa, Denmark, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Poland, Netherlands, Iran and so on. This is why companies across the globe trust us with their critical material needs in diverse and demanding industries.

We take proper care of packaging also because it guarantees that the products are delivered to the customer in the required quality and in proper condition without any physical damage caused throughout the transit. The goods we make available to our customers come with full traceability, precisely from raw material test certificates to final report regarding the dispatch of the stuff. (Reports available on request)