About us

Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is one of the largest manufacturers, stockists, suppliers and exporters of Stainless steels and alloy steels, driven by continuous improvement and strong customer focus, aiming to be a world leader in providing our customers with excellent value, finest products and exceptional service. Our capability for sourcing unique sizes, shapes and exotic stainless steel products is second to none in India.All of our steel is manufactured, inspected and tested to comply with appropriate International Standards including full 3.1 certification as well as Customer Specifications in a wide range of steel grades and dimensions.In this way our customers enjoy appreciable economic advantages at an uncompromised level of quality. As the team behind the largest supplier of stainless steel and special steel products all over the world, the people of Siddhagiri Metals are driven by wanting to be our customers first choice in their steel necessities. We have a long and proud history of customer service in India and abroad over the span of nearly 3 decades. From these roots, we have built a strong distribution and marketing network throughout the country with direct and regular exporting to more than 66 countries. The company’s reputation, built on these successful years of taking care of our customers, continues to grow since its inception. The belief that our customers are our priority is core to the values of the Siddhagiri people, whose talents and energy are targeted at building long term relationships with our customers by adding value to their dealings. If there is something that you require and it’s not listed here, please make contact with us to discuss your requirements. It is more than likely we will be able to source the product for you, whether it is local or global. Our customers also value the “personal touch” we deliver, they are never just another number for us. They appreciate the fact that we always strive to do the best we can for them. We can never lose sight of this as we progress and evolve – it is a core facet of our business culture.

Quality Assurance :

At Siddhagiri Metals we recognise that our success is derived from a flexible and quick approach to market opportunities and our long-standing success depends on our capability to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We also give utmost importance to the quality of our products, services and delivery performance, as we know they are critical. Maintaining excellence is a part of our culture and it reflects our relationships with our esteemed clients.

Our Quality Objectives are to :

  • Understand our customers needs in accordance with our own business and processes
  • Improve business effectiveness and develop or extend our capabilities and competencies
  • Respond to customer inquiries, concerns and issues in a way that meets and outdoes their expectations within the given time frame
  • Actively seek feedback and measure our performance and achievements
  • Make every effort to work in a professional manner and apply quality principles

Quality Certification :

Uninterrupted perfection is at the heart of Siddhagiri operations. We achieved quality system certification of our first branches in 2008 and we have been continuously registered ever since. Certifications include: ISO 9001: 2008 for continued quality in offering outstanding top quality items to its clients.

Why Do Businesses Turn To Us For Their Steel requirements? Industries around the world entrust us with their stainless steel and special steel tube and pipe requirements because they are very much aware of the fact that they are getting industry-leading steel products at a competitive price – with the service to match. We use our industry knowledge and vast experience to source and supply reliable steel products. We achieve these results because we manage our company according to the principles of commitment, quality, innovation and perseverance.